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The Herzog medical plan for the majority of our employees is administered by BAS.  This is a PPO plan using the PHCS or Healthsmart PPO network, with an HRA account.  All covered medical expenses go towards your dedectible and Herzog pays the first half of that deductible (this is the HRA). Contact BAS through their website or phone number to review claims, find a provider, order new ID cards and much more. 

BAS Website: www.bashealth.com  | Phone: 1-800-977-7381 


The Dental Plan for most of out employees is through Delta Dental of MO.

Delta Dental of MO Website: www.deltadentalmo.com | Phone: 1-800-335-8266 


The Vision plan for most of our employees is through VSP. 

VSP Website: www.vsp.com  | Phone: 1-800-877-7195


Massmutal manages teh Herzog 41K Plan.  For those employees who are enrolled in the Herzog 401k Plan, you can access your account information online or via phone.

Massmutal Website: www.retiresmart.com | Phone: 1-800-743-5274. 


Please remember, open enrollment for all benefits is in the 4th quarter for a January 1st effective date.  That is the one time a year that you can make changes to your benefits.  You can also make a change if you have a "Qualifying Event" such as marrage, birth of a child, loss of other coverage, etc.  All changes must be made within 30 days of hire or qualifying event on Smartben.com



For Information Contact:
Mandy Thompson at (816) 901- 4086

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