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Herzog considers employees its most valuable asset. Herzog''s commitment to their employees and customers is integral and paramount to efficiency, quality and cost.

Herzog recognizes that anytime an employee is performing work in time-sensitive windows and in varying conditions, safety must be a priority. Herzog''s full time safety managers rigorously monitor all projects to implement pro-active safety procedures assuring the safety of its employees, customers, stakeholders and the general public.

Herzog has been the recipient of numerous safety awards, including the prestigious "Outstanding Safety Performance" designation from many of their project owners. Many of these projects provide "Owner Controlled Insurance Programs" (OCIP) of which Herzog was rewarded for its outstanding safety effort. Herzog''s “Experience Modifier” has consistently been well below the National Average.

The most cost effective project Safety Program which Herzog has successfully implemented is "The Contractor Controlled Insurance Program" (CCIP). CCIP''s can provide safety and economic advantages to Contractors and Project Owners that may not be available through the traditional OCIP.

We take an active role in the communities we service through our involvement in national programs such as “Look, Listen… & Live!” in educating the public on safety at railroad grade crossings as well as local participation in programs which increase public awareness on safety.

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